The Advantages of Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters

Advantages of Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters Near Denver, Colorado (CO)

When you choose a Hunter Douglas product you are choosing one of the highest quality window treatments available for your home. Hunter Douglas’ entire line of plantation shutters, Heritance®, NewStyle™, and Palm Beach™ are superior in craftsmanship, color options, durability, and overall satisfaction. The experts at Creative Interiors Design, your number one choice for plantation shutters in Denver, Colorado, want to show you the advantages of these one of a kind Hunter Douglas plantation shutters.


First and foremost, all Hunter Douglas products are crafted and assembled in the United States with the customer in mind. Evolving over time with the changing trends, Hunter Douglas has always produced a product that will satisfy any customer. Their plantation shutters are no different. All Hunter Douglas plantation shutters are made from the highest quality materials. The Heritance® hardwood shutters are made with beautiful, genuine hardwood. The NewStyle™ hybrid shutters are made from a mixture of genuine hardwood and other man-made materials for a product that looks almost as real as hardwood. And the Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters are made from advanced polysatin compounds that make these shutters extremely durable. Not only do the materials that are used in these shutters lead to maximum durability, but many other aspects of these products do as well.


Hunter Douglas plantation shutters, as stated before, are incredibly durable. Along with the materials used to craft them, Hunter Douglas plantation shutters also have durability in their joinery and finishes, which allows for an even longer lifespan for these window treatments. The Heritance® and NewStyle™ shutters are both crafted with Truemill® dovetail construction, one of the oldest and strongest forms of joinery in woodworking. The Palm Beach™ shutters are reinforced at their joints with aluminum bracing and resin for extreme strength. Another area of Hunter Douglas plantation shutters that allow for a surprisingly durable product resides in the finishes that are used. Heritance® shutters are finished with Integra™ Finish which not only protects the hardwood, but also allows for easy cleaning. NewStyle™ shutters are coated with FineTech® Finish which makes them not only lustrous, but also tough enough to be cleaned with a number of cleaning products. Strongest of all, Palm Beach™ shutters, which are crafted with materials that will not chip or warp, are finished with DuraLux™ Finish that is scratch and dent resistant and never needs to be sanded, stained, or painted. All of these components lead to a product that will last for years and years to come while still retaining its original beauty and functionality.

Color Choice

The final advantage of Hunter Douglas plantation shutters is the overall look that the beautiful wood finishes and paint colors can achieve. Heritance® hardwood shutters are available in five unique finishes after you choose your stain color. NewStyle™ hybrid shutters are available in ten distinct colors from Hunter Douglas and can be painted to match virtually any color you need. Lastly, The Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters are available in four vibrant colors that will always look brand new.

With all of these clear advantages in the construction and design of Hunter Douglas’ plantation shutters, the choice of which shutters to use becomes quite easy. But if you are not entirely sold, the lifetime guarantee on all of these styles should help you decide. Along with this lifetime guarantee to ensure your satisfaction, Creative Interiors Design offers in-home consultations, personal design consultations, and professional installation to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Contact us today and begin the process of having Hunter Douglas plantation shutters installed in your home.