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Adding Sonnette® Cellular Shades to Homes

Filling your home with things you love is the best way to make your house feel like a home. For example, if you love reading thriller novels, then settling in with a good book a great way to enjoy the evening. If you are a movie buff, then watching a movie marathon with your best friend will make you smile. Similarly, if you enjoy a simple shade with a modern twist, then you will love adding Sonnette® Cellular Shades to your home. Boasting the simplicity of a roller shade plus the added benefit of energy efficiency, Hunter Douglas Sonnette® Cellular Shades offer more than what meets the eye. Read on to learn more.

Sonnette® Cellular Shades near Denver, Colorado (CO), to add extra insulation to home windows

Custom Styles

When it comes to adorning the windows of your home, you will want something that pairs well with your current style. Fortunately, Sonnette® Cellular Shades blend in or stand out exactly how you wish. Explore four fabric collections that include a wide array of popular colors, including Weathered Navy, Coffee Grounds, Fog, and more to create the perfect look. Ranging from popular whites and neutrals to vibrant hues, this collection of Hunter Douglas roller shades has a style for everyone. These shades also offer semi-opaque and room-darkening fabric options, which allow you to enjoy just the right amount of privacy, shade, or light filtration in each room. For example, a semi-opaque fabric will allow rooms to enjoy ample sunshine without any of the harsh glare. On the other hand, a room-darkening fabric will keep out unwanted acritical and natural lighting in bedrooms, media rooms, and more.

Energy Efficiency

Of course, Sonnette® Cellular Shades do more than just look good. This cellular roller shade is created carefully from two layers of fabric that diffuse light and create a soft glow each day. That undetectable second layer within the shade helps make these cellular roller shades energy-efficient, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is thanks to the cellular construction of the shade that traps air within their pockets. This prevents air from seeping out of your home or creeping in and throwing off your comfort levels. This is especially helpful for rooms with multiple windows that can make the room drafty, too cold, or too stuffy. Instead of cranking up your air conditioning or AC, you can enjoy the natural insulation that keeps your home comfortable and your energy bills low all year. No matter where you place your new Sonnette® Cellular Shades or what your style is, you are going to love how they look at each window.


To learn more about the benefits of Sonnette® Cellular Shades, be sure to contact us at Creative Interiors Design. We are located in Denver, Colorado, and we proudly serve Parker and Arvada, Colorado. Whether you are looking for a new set of Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, and shutters or want to give your rooms an interior design upgrade, our friendly team of experts is here to help. We cannot wait to make your interior design dreams a reality.