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Shades that Offer Sound Absorption to Homes

We have all been there. We settle into bed for a relaxing night or sit in our home office and expect some peace and quiet when the neighbor’s dog starts barking, cars rumble by, neighbors chat outside, and so on. While we all would love to live in a space that blocks out all outside world, this isn’t always possible. From bustling cities to chatty neighbors, sound is part of life. Of course, this doesn’t mean we have to deal with unwanted noise when we are trying to get some Zs or trying to focus on our families. That is why Creative Interior Designs educates our clients about shades that offer sound absorption. Read on to learn more about Hunter Duette® Honeycomb Shades.

Shades offer sound absorption for rooms that need it most, including bedrooms near Denver, Colorado (CO).

Sound Absorption

While we initially think of shades providing privacy or protection from the sun, Hunter Douglas window treatments do so much more. For example, Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades improve your room’s acoustics while actively reducing the intensity of the noise outside of your home. In fact, these custom Hunter Douglas shades absorb up to 70 percent of sound energy. This can mean a lot of things for different homes. For example, if you have hardwood flooring that causes a lot of echoes, Duette® Honeycomb Shades can help absorb this sound energy to reduce said echo. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment in a busy, loud city, these shades can help block out traffic noises that you might otherwise hear.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to providing sound absorption, Duette® Honeycomb Shades can also help reduce your home’s energy bills with time. Featuring a octagonal construction, these shades trap air within their honeycomb-shaped cells to keep outside air out and inside air in. During the summer months, this means that your home’s central cooling will not seep out into the hot afternoon. This also means these shades will keep your home’s heating inside instead of out into the cold. Since up to 30 percent of our home’s energy is lost through our windows, it is important to keep them properly insulated. Otherwise, your home will feel hot in the summer and cold in the winter despite you cranking up the AC or the thermostat. Whether you place them in one room in your home that gets particularly cold or hot depending on the season or you place them throughout your entire home, Duette® Honeycomb Shades are here to impress in more ways than one.


To learn more about shades that offer sound absorption and energy efficiency, be sure to contact or visit us today at Creative Interiors Design. We are located in Denver, Colorado, and proudly serve Parker and Arvada, Colorado. No matter your next interior design project, our team of friendly experts is here to help make your home design dreams come true. Whether you need an entire design overhaul or want to add a few new shades to the mix, we are always here to help you. Call us today or visit our website to get started!