How to Choose the Right Color for Your Shades

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Shades Near Denver, Colorado (CO)

The color of your window treatments is important for many reasons, as they often tend to be a centerpiece when entering a room. Depending on how you choose to dress your windows varies on the type of appearance you are going for and your need for privacy and light control as well. For interesting ways to decorate with color in your home and for tips on selecting the best Denver Co shades, check out the latest trends for adding exciting window treatments to your space.

Consider The Background

If you want to give your room an overall universal look, first you need to make sure you take into account the wall colors as well as other existing furniture and décor. In order to tie your room together flawlessly, it’s wise to choose a color for window treatments that compliments the colors that are already present. Your shades don’t have to match your walls or furniture colors perfect, especially if there are multiple hues involved, however it’s more visually appealing to highlight the most vibrant or noticeable color of your décor with your window treatments.

Light Versus Dark

While it may seem like a simple choice whether to choose lighter colored shades versus darker ones, there is much more to consider when making this important decision. One of the biggest is how much sunlight you are trying to combat as well as any privacy concerns you may have. For example, if a room in your home gets more sun throughout the day than others, then you may want to consider covering it with a more energy efficient shade. Also, if a window faces a public area where privacy may be an issue, a darker and more concealing shade would be more preferable than a light sheer. This typically means darker colors such as blue or black, or thicker fabrics that tend to help block sunlight and harmful UV rays, as well as provide enough coverage for adequate privacy. With features such as built in or add on liners to help darken a room, even sheers can become a more energy efficient and private window treatment if dark colors aren’t for you. Honeycomb shades offer a great combination of an energy efficient cellular shade that traps air and heat but that also remains effective despite the color you choose. For those still considering sheers over heavy or dark fabrics but still want the comforts of UV protection and privacy, Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Duolite™ is the perfect choice that pairs the light diffusing sheer with a blackout roller shade for the best of both worlds.

Choose A Pattern or Go Solid

One of the most stylish ways to draw attention to your windows is to decorate them in a color or style that makes them pop amongst your other furnishings. In order to achieve this effect, many are choosing bold printed patterns and modern graphics to help bring a fashionable appearance to their window treatments. From checks to stripes or even a floral print, there are countless patterned designs that can be used to help add flair throughout your home. Before choosing a print, though, you may want to note the other colors or designs in the room. If you have several colors already intertwined with other décor, it would be best to keep your window treatments a solid color that helps to highlight the already vivid colors present without overriding them or adding to the chaos. For those with white or tan walls, as well as neutral furnishings, a pattern for your window treatments might be just the boost of colorful intensity your home needs. Woven wood shades are great for helping to calm a room with their natural reed designs and neutral colors, but if you’re attempt to spice things up, consider the ultimate in window fashion design with the Roman shade. These shades offer elegant folds as well as modern prints and vivid colors, especially Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ . For more information on selecting the best shades in Denver Co, contact Creative Interiors Design today.