Decorating With Plantation Shutters

Decorating with Plantation Shutters Near Denver, Colorado (CO)

Now that you have selected plantation shutters for your home there are many different decorating and styling options that you should consider before installation. Let the experts at Creative Interiors Design give you some ideas on decorating with plantation shutters in Denver, Colorado.


One straightforward way to decorate with plantations shutters is to leave them unadorned. Rather you choose Heritance® hardwood shutters, NewStyle™ hybrid shutters, or Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters, their superior design and construction quality will shine without any added window fashions. Because the louvers are easily adjustable you can choose the amount of light that will enter the room quite easily.

Café Style

A decoration trend that is perfect for plantation shutters is café style shutters. This design makes for a unique look in your home by only placing plantation shutters on the bottom half of your window frames. This design technique allows for a lot of light to enter the room from the upper uncovered half of your window while also providing necessary privacy for your home with the bottom plantation shutters. A top treatment or drapery could be added to this decoration style, especially if you choose to use the cafe style shutter in a living room or bedroom because you will need the extra light filtration


Hanging drapery with your plantation shutters is a great way to add character and functionality to a room. Drapery is an easy way to add extra light filtration to your space while also playing with the room’s overall style. There are many different options for drapery that work well with plantation shutters. Classic ceiling to floor drapery that can be moved to cover your entire window frame works well in almost any space. Choose a drapery that complements your room’s overall theme to keep the decor flowing nicely, especially when your drapes are closed. A beautiful top treatment or valance is another option for drapery that will accentuate your plantation shutters. Top treatments and valances will give the room a splash of color while still letting in as much light as possible. Side curtains are another interesting way to hang drapery with plantation shutters. Side curtains are a soft window treatment, similar to free hanging drapery that hangs just to the side of the window. These curtains offer less functionality, but bring lots of style to your windows. Whatever you choose, Creative Interiors Design offers customized drapery and valance design so you can design exactly what you want for your room. Featuring a wide array of fine fabrics, our drapery experts can make any idea you have come to life.

Because there are so many different operation systems for plantation shutters like Bi-Fold Track, Bypass Track, Hinged Panels, Front Tilt Bar, and TruView™, it is important to consider how your windows will open before you decorate around them. Let the experts at Creative Interiors Design explain all your options and help you to make the perfect style choice for your home. Stop by the Creative Interiors Design showroom or contact us today about setting up and in-home design consultation to begin the process of updating your home’s style with plantation shutters.