Operating Systems for Shades

Operating Systems for Shades in Homes Near Denver, Colorado (CO)

The beauty of purchasing window treatments today is the variety of styles and designs they offer, from colors, to fabrics, and even their operating systems. Even though you may have never considered anything out of the ordinary before, Hunter Douglas introduces several operating systems available with their quality shades to give you countless options when installing or upgrading your window treatments. Check out the following systems they have to offer in order to help make your windows even more appealing.

Motorized Systems

One of the many luxuries of today’s modern world is the automation and technology available at the touch of our finger tips. From phones to computers, the way we utilize technology to make life more simple is prevalent in most areas of our lives, so why not incorporate these same conveniences into your window treatments? That’s exactly what Hunter Douglas has done with their award-winning PowerView™ Motorized operating system. This unit allows you to adjust your windows with the wireless Pebble Remote Control that can store up to 6 individual room settings and can also be programmed to open or close your shades at a specific time. If you’ve left home without closing your treatments, you don’t have to worry with the PowerView app that is available on your smart phone or tablet to make adjusting your windows easy while you are away. A wall mounted unit, PowerView Surface, can also be installed if you want the permanent capability to control your windows from a designated spot. Available with most Hunter Douglas shades, the PowerView motorized operating system is a great choice for those looking to modernize their home and take their window treatments into the 21st century.

Special Systems

You may think all window treatments have only the option to adjust upward or down without variance. This misconception, however, doesn’t apply to the uniquely operational Top-Down/Bottom-Up system from Hunter Douglas. This is a distinctive operating system that gives you the freedom to move the top of your window treatments up or down while also adjusting the bottom as well. This is great for areas such as your bedroom or bathroom where you prefer privacy for lower windows but would like natural sunlight to shine through at the top. Top-Down/Bottom-Up systems are easily adjustable with a cord and hold in place effortlessly to give you the best coverage possible. If you find yourself attempting to cover large windows or sliding glass doors that naturally attract sunlight, consider choosing an operating system such as Vertiglide™ to help you cover those expansive areas. This operating system is vertically oriented and runs on a top track to slide from side to side when adjusting, allowing you the ability to easily open this treatment when desired or fully cover those larger windows or doors from floor to ceiling.

What About Cords?

Traditions are something we tend to carry on for generations, and using cords to adjust window treatments may be the most recognizable and timeless way to control your shades. Hunter Douglas doesn’t venture far from the traditional corded window treatment with EasyRise™, an updated operating system that easily adjusts with a continuously looped cord for better organization and less mess. Keeping in the fashion of corded systems, UltraGlide® also allows you the familiarity of using a cord but with modern safety features. This operating system allows the cord to retract back into the hardware regardless of whether your window treatment is closed or opened, making it great for anyone worried about dangling cords or injuries. For households with small animals or children, you may want to consider a cordless operating system, and if motorized units don’t appeal to your needs, check out LiteRise® for a more simple solution. Offering a cordless system that adjusts from gently pulling to raise your shade and providing a soft tug, LiteRise® is great for those seeking safety and simplicity that holds in place securely even without a cord. When it comes to providing you with the best shades around, we proudly serve Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas to help meet all of your window treatment needs. For more on pairing the perfect operating system with your shades in Denver Co, contact Creative Interiors Design today for a professional consultation.