Types of Interior Shades

Types of Interior Shades for Homes Near Denver, Colorado (CO)

While you may think all window treatments are the same or that it doesn’t matter which one you choose, there are several benefits to purchasing the correct shades for your needs. Whether you’re shopping for fashion, efficiency, or comfort, Hunter Douglas offers several styles and designs to fit your windows perfectly. Creative Interiors Design, proudly serving Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas, is here to help you sort through the various options to ensure you’re making the correct choice for your home. Before making your next shade purchase, check out the different Hunter Douglas products and how each can make your home better.

Efficient Shades

Window treatments are meant to do one thing effectively, and that’s block sunlight from entering your home. While you may want your shades to still boast fashion, but are more concerned with their performance, Honeycomb shades make a great choice. Not only do they come in a variety of colors, it is mainly their stylish design that helps make them a visually appealing yet highly functional window treatment. These shades are made from cellular technology that layers against your window treatments to help keep hot and cool air inside your home to help save costs on energy bills. Not only are they perfect barriers for trapping heat or air, but their cellular design makes for great sound barriers for exterior noises as well, especially if you choose a thicker fabric. To boost even more efficiency, try Applause® with triple cell technology to insult your windows for maximum protection.

Elegant Fabrics

The first shade that comes to mind when searching for an upscale or elegant look is the traditional and timeless Roman shades. Designed with either light or thick fabric depending on your choice, this window treatment offers layers of beautiful folds that fall gracefully to the bottom for a design that is unlike any other shade available. Not only do Roman shades give you a classy appearance, but they also help keep your home cool or warm and provide privacy with their layered style. Available in classic colors or bold prints, such as Design Studio™, you can decorate your home to reflect your personal style and preferences. For a variation between 4” or 6” folds, consider the Vignette® Roman shade, or go sheer with Solera® to allow diffused sunlight inside. While Roman shades may be elegant in design alone, you can have your choice of upscale fabrics and textures with The Alustra® Collection of Vignette® for an even more impressive appearance.

Simple Shades

The best shades seem to be the ones that operate with ease and efficiency. For a window treatment that achieves both, Roller shades not only offer a simple solution to adjusting your windows but a very effective way to cover them as well. Just because Roller shades lack layers of fabric like Honeycomb or Roman shades, doesn’t mean they won’t offer similar benefits. In fact, these shades are highly energy efficient, helping to block harmful UV rays with their thick textures and vast coverage. While Roller shades may not seem like the most exciting or fashion forward window treatment available, they become the highlight of a room with modern prints or bright colors, such as Designer Roller shades. If you’re looking to tone down your room instead of amp it up with colorful designs, The Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades provides woven textures and an elegant appearance to help cover your windows in style. As always, the Hunter Douglas Roller shades conceal all of their hardware inside of their headrails to help keep your windows organized, clean, and provide a contemporary style.

Neutral Shades

Just when you think Hunter Douglas couldn’t offer any more shade options, they seem to have perfected the idea of a comfortable and laid back window treatment with their line of Woven Wood shades. Created without fabric, this shade is constructed of woven grasses and reeds that not only give it a natural tone but that provides a calming atmosphere when placed inside your home. These shades are known for their outstanding ability to resist wear and tear, as these make for perfect long lasting and durable window treatments over time. Offered in a variety of colors and textures, you can further customize these shades with edge banding or valances that help bring out their natural beauty and add your own personal touch of style. Woven wood shades also come in a layered Roman design as well as a roller shade for a diverse approach to a basic but beautiful treatment. When selecting your next shades in Denver CO, contact Creative Interiors Design to help make your next window treatments exceptional.